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Irrigation Repairs

Irrigation Repairs Las Vegas, NV Irrigation is essentially the watering system that helps keep your plants and lawns hydrated without actually having to do it yourself. While high-grade irrigation systems are strong and resilient, there are times when they breakdown or malfunction. When that happens, your landscape pays the price. Irrigation repairs aren’t a job you can entrust to unskilled personnel; you need skilled and reliable landscaping professionals that will be able to cater to your specific needs.

Irrigation Repair Company Nevada

Eclipse Landscape Services Inc. has handled a significant number of projects for clients across Southern Nevada. We handle irrigation repairs for customers in towns and cities including Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson. Many landscapes on properties in and around Sunrise Manor, Spring Valley and Paradise have benefited from our customised services.

Our team has also worked on irrigation repair projects on properties in Enterprise, Whitney and the surrounding areas. It’s crucial to set up a well-planned irrigation schedule in our region to conserve water as well as maintain your landscape.

When You Need Irrigation System Repairs

If the system has deteriorated or has been installed improperly, the repairs can prove to be prohibitively expensive and impact your water bills. Sudden winter freezes & hot, dry summers and will damage and lead to deterioration in your irrigation system. PVC piping, valves, sprinkler heads and various other components can crack and break, leaking water into the landscape, affecting the softscaping and hardscaping. Leaky irrigation pipes also mean your landscape won’t get the amount of water it needs.

When you call us for landscape irrigation repairs, we first visit your property and carry out a comprehensive system evaluation. Current day irrigation systems can be complex and when something malfunctions in your sprinkler system, it can be challenging to track down the root of the problem and fix it before it results in further complexities.

Custom Irrigation Repairs in Las Vegas, NV

We have you covered with our skilled and knowledgeable experts ready to examine your automatic irrigation system thoroughly. Irrigation leaks and other problems can’t hide from us. We work meticulously, troubleshooting and isolating the problem. Our technicians are trained and certified, allowing them to specialize and service all types of irrigation and sprinkler systems and carry out repairs including:

  • Valve repairs & replacements
  • Broken sprinkler repairs
  • Leak detection and inspection
  • Irrigation timer replacements
  • Irrigation system timer programming
  • Pressure problem troubleshooting
  • Sprinkler to drip conversions
  • Broken PVC pipe repairs
  • Wiring repairs
  • Drip system repairs
  • Valve location
  • PVB & anti-siphon repairs

Cost-Effective Irrigation Repairs

We will replace or change irrigation components using water conserving nozzles and applicators maximizing water usage. Replacement of timers and valves can often be a confusing and difficult task, allow our professional team to solve your water system needs without major interruption or damage to your present landscaping plants.

If you are looking for excellent irrigation repair solutions, Eclipse Landscape Services Inc. is the company to contact. We work closely with you to understand your needs and craft solutions that meet your needs and fit your budget. For any more information on our services, feel free to call us at 702-431-8733.You can also create a work order via this form or send us your queries and we will revert shortly to discuss your project details.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and surrounding areas in NV:
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • North Las Vegas, NV
  • Henderson, NV
  • Sunrise Manor, NV
  • Spring Valley, NV
  • Paradise, NV
  • Enterprise, NV
  • Whitney, NV