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Artificial Turf Maintenance

More and more gardens and parks are equiped with artificial grass. Innovative appearance, numerous varieties and multi-functionality clearly make it an alternative to natural grass. Besides, it can be used where natural grass cannot grow!

Once installed, artificial grass lawns requires just minimum level of attention to stay in optimum condition. Plus, in many cases, the addition of synthetic turf to one's front lawn or backyard enhances the home's property value and aesthetic appeal.


  1. No weather limited: It can be used in any climates, no matter rain or snow. All weather used.
  2. Long life & Evergreen: When natural grass entered hibernation, artificial turf still can bring you the feeling of spring.
  3. Environment-friendly: All materials are accord with environmental protection requirement; artificial turf surface can be reused.
  4. Natural appearance: Artificial turf adopted the principle of bionics production, so there is no big difference between the natural grass and the artificial grass. Excellent flexibility let us feet comfortable.
  5. Durability: Durable service, no fading, especially suitable for the primary sites for higher frequency.
  6. Economy: General guarantees 8 years of life.
  7. Free maintenance: the lawn will need little maintenance.
  8. Easy to install and maintain.

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Artificial Turf
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Artificial Turf
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Artificial Turf
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Artificial Turf
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Artificial Turf
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Artificial Turf
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